Maintaining your relationship

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"While I was speaking and praying" Daniel 9; 20

Prayer is  relational. It consists to talk with God.Such a favour to talk with the Powerfull God thanks to prayer!
Bible teaches us in 1 Thessalonians 5.17  "pray continually ".Indeed, everytime we should speak to God during the good and bad time . What a sadness if we don't have time to speak to God in our lives.We may talk about our joy of knowing him, of spending a good day, of having life, of being joyful and something else.We always have something to talk about.For instance, even if  we are talking with someone who makes us angry , we may pray in silent for asking self-control from God.

Each relation, included the relation with God has to be cared thanks to contact especially thanks to dialogue.Do not leave out  your relationship with God.Care about it!

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